Margarita “Maggie” Anderson is a first-generation Cuban-American.

Maggie and her husband John made history by dominating headlines while national media covered their year-long struggle of using their buying power to counter social and economic crises.   

Maggie decided to sacrifice one year to support businesses, black and not, that could create more pride, employment, role models and wealth in struggling African American communities....

As the author of the critically acclaimed book, Our Black Year, presented by William Morris Entertainment and Public Affairs Books, Maggie has become the face of a conscious consumerism movement uniting consumers, corporations, and quality small businesses.


With appearances on; CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS News Hour, and CBS Morning News, among many other national television and radio shows, her voice lends to the movement uniting consumers, corporations, and quality small businesses that can rescue struggling communities and provide role models to at-risk youth.

Maggie's Story

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